Healthy Fridge Staples: What Should I Keep in the Fridge?

Whether you’re looking for some new ideas for your grocery list or trying to stock up the fridge with some healthier food items, you’ve come to the right place. Having healthy ingredients on hand makes it easier to stick to your goals and make better choices when the hunger strikes!


Produce should really be the bulk of your fridge staples when you are focusing on eating better. As we know, fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet and have huge benefits regarding vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients. It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of eating the same foods day in and day out so, we’ve compiled a list of common fruits and veggies that you can stock up on, which are also ideal for cooking.

Make your fruit and veggie consumption more exciting by trying new recipes, creating fun and healthy snacks, or just introduce a new fruit or veggie into your diet each week! For example, on your next trip to the grocery store, try picking up a new fruit or vegetable that you haven’t tried before or one that you haven’t eaten in quite some time. Here is a list of some great go-to items to check out:







            Bell peppers








            Green peas

            Sweet potato


Condiments, Dips, and Spreads

Having a variety of condiments on hand is a great way to keep your meals flavorful, fun, and interesting! However, make sure to read the ingredient list on condiment products before purchasing. Many sauces, marinades, and dips contain added sugars, sodium, preservatives, and things we can’t even pronounce! The trick is to opt for low or no-salt added, no-sugar-added, and oil-free options whenever possible. A few tips: choose a natural salad dressing or marinade in olive oil and a low-sodium spice mix instead of using a barbeque sauce. read the ingredient list before buying! Dips and spreads are also the perfect addition to any meal if you’re choosing the ones made with whole foods and simple ingredients. Many dips and spreads can be high in salt, sugar, oils and other additives/preservatives. However, you can look for healthier versions at the grocery store or make your own dip/spread at home! We recommend choosing Greek yogurt-based dips (added protein!), those that are made from whole foods such as chickpeas (hummus dips), or avocado (guacamole). Here are some examples of condiments, dips, and spreads to enhance the flavour of your healthy meals:

            Roasted red pepper hummus

            Dill pickle hummus

            Salt and vinegar hummus

            Greek yogurt-based Tzatziki and dips

            Coconut cream cheese

            Natural peanut butter

            Plant based butter

            Low-sugar jam



            Hot sauce

            Chili garlic sauce


            Natural peanut butter

            Tamari or soy sauce (low sodium)

            Apple cider vinegar

            Rice vinegar

Non-dairy milks

There are many non-dairy milks available for you to choose from in grocery stores these days and they tend to have a longer shelf-life. When choosing a non-dairy beverage, look for those that are unsweetened and unflavored with a short list of simple ingredients. A few of our favourites include:

            Almond milk

            Oat milk

            Macadamia milk

            Cashew milk

            Soy milk

            Rice milk

            Coconut milk

Protein Sources

As mentioned in our blog called ‘ The Macronutrient Series: All About Protein’, protein ensures proper growth, development, and optimal functioning of your body! Many of us struggle to eat an adequate amount of protein on a daily basis. Below we’ve listed a few protein sources that are easy to mix into your diet without the hassle of prep/cook time.  These food items are a must-have in your fridge and will provide you with fuel to power through your workday, workouts, and everyday activities!

            Nitrate-free turkey or chicken slices

            Hard boiled eggs



            Greek yogurt

            Cottage cheese



            Chia pudding

            Overnight oats


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