Frequently Asked Questions

Participant FAQ

Hockey FIT is a 12-week healthy lifestyle program that draws on the power of sport and the connection that people feel towards their favourite teams to recruit fans who are interested in leading a healthier lifestyle.

Hockey FITTM focuses on improving the health of hockey fans by leveraging the passion they feel towards their favourite team to encourage them to improve their lifestyle (by increasing physical activity, eating better, and losing weight).

The program includes education on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, a group exercise component, and behind-the-scenes access to team facilities! You never know who will show up at these sessions – in the past, team players and personnel have made an appearance to cheer participants on!

There are a couple of reasons why we’ve targeted sports fans:

  1. Connectivity: Sports fans are a highly connected group regularly attending or watching games to support their favourite sports team. Hockey FITTM draws on this connection to engage fans, pro-actively support, and provide them with the tools to build and sustain healthy lifestyle changes.
  2. Opportunity: Hockey FITTM provides the opportunity for fans to engage further with their favourite team, go behind the scenes, and meet team staff and players along the way.
  3. Health Risk: Did you know that sports fans are typically unhealthier than non-sports fans? Research has shown that sport fans are more likely to eat unhealthy foods particularly when their team is losing. Hockey FITTM provides fans with the tools and resources to make safe gradual changes to their physical activity levels and eating habits to make healthier choices.

Hockey FIT was developed for individuals interested in leading a healthier lifestyle.

No. If you are a fan of your local hockey team, are willing to travel to the fitness facility/arena for the program sessions, and fit the eligibility criteria, you will be able to participate! You will need to find your own transportation to and from sessions.

Send us an email to and introduce yourself. We will be sure to contact you if different opportunities arise that you may be a fit for.

Hockey FIT is 12 weeks long with weekly sessions lasting 90 minutes each.

Have a look to see if Hockey FIT is taking place with a team near you by clicking on the JOIN HOCKEY FIT button at the top of the page.

Send us an email with the team that you support to and we will look into what opportunities may come in the future for your home city.

Each team is different, but sessions usually take place at the arena, the practice facility, a local health club/community centre, or a mix between the three.

No. All of the exercise is dry-land training. There will be no skating involved for those participating with hockey clubs. Exercise sessions are developed in a training style that is progressive in nature and do not require fitness equipment. Why? So that you can feel confident and able to continue your exercise routine at home when the program is complete.  

Maybe! We always work with the team to try and schedule a guest appearance from players or a member of the team. You may also even get to exercise at the team’s facility so, you never know who could pop into one of the sessions!

A typical Hockey FITTM session involves an education component on topics such as meal planning, tips for eating out, tips for overcoming barriers, and much more. After the education component, the group will complete a workout together.

The Hockey FIT coaching staff have a variety of backgrounds! Some Hockey FITTM Coaches are Team Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Group Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Athletic Therapists, etc. All coaches complete a Hockey FITTM Coach Certification from us in order to lead the program.

Coach FAQ

The ideal coach will have a background in health/fitness, past experience delivering health promotion programs, and be CPR/First Aid certified. Those with an engaging and enthusiastic personality along with an interest in hockey/sports is a big plus too!  

The Hockey FIT Research Team leads a virtual coach training workshop in the following format:

  1. Synchronous workshop with Hockey FIT research team (1st day: 4 hours; 2nd day: 1-hour mock session) 
  2. Online eLearning prior to formal training & refreshers throughout program (prior to each session) [2 – 4 hours total] 

Upon completion of training, staff will receive a certificate indicating they are certified Hockey FIT coaches. 

We are always happy to address your questions. Please send us an email at or give us a call at 519-661-2111 ext. 22124 and a member of our team will be happy to chat further with you!

The Hockey Fans in Training Course is officially recognized by YMCA Canada.  Facilitation or participation in this course will qualify those individuals with YMCA Canada Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) which will count towards  in their recertification efforts.

Partner FAQ

We are also interested in seeking more partnerships and working with organizations with a similar vision! Please connect with us via email or phone:

519-661-2111 ext. 22124

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