4 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road

Many of us struggle to eat healthy while on the road, especially when we are crunched for time and there are fast-food joints calling our name at every exit! Despite these barriers, it is possible to be on the road and eat healthily if you plan ahead. It’s important to be mindful of your eating choices. Healthy choices will help to sustain your energy, fuel your body, and make you feel better during and after your trip. Try out these four tips next time you’re on the road: 

  1. Start at the first stop 

First and foremost, we always recommend that you pack for success. If you can pack a lunch/snack bag for the road trip, this is always the best option to stay on track with your healthy eating goals. If you do need to stop while on the road, you will almost always have two choices when stopping for food. Option one: the fast-food joint where your food choices will be limited to greasy, low nutrient foods that will leave you feeling depleted, bloated, and tired. Option two: seek out a grocery store along the route where there are a variety of healthier, pre-packaged, nutritious options to choose from, which will reduce your junk-food temptations. Some of our top healthy picks from the grocery store are deli made fresh sandwiches, pre-made salads, and freshly cut fruit and vegetables. Make your health a priority when travelling!  

  1. Pack the protein 

Protein helps stabilize your blood sugar, increases concentration, and will keep you feeling strong and energized while on the road! When you are in need of a snack, look for high-quality, lean proteins to keep you satisfied for longer (e.g., protein bars, hard boiled eggs, nuts/trail mix, or tuna with crackers). Click here to learn more about protein.  

  1. Pack snacks for the road  

When travelling, we may not be able to eat regularly or eat at the same times we usually do when we are at home. This can lead to impulse snacking, stopping for a quick fast-food fix, or overeating at your next meal. Packing healthy snacks for a long road trip will keep you on track with your healthy eating goals, keep you feeling energized and alert, help you resist the urge to stop for fast food, & avoid overindulging later in the day! Snacks provide us with sustainable energy between meals and maintain our blood sugar levels. Some healthy snack ideas to pack ahead of time are nuts & seeds/trail mix, vegetables and hummus, Greek yogurt and berries, and fresh and/or dried fruit.  

  1. Drink lots of water 

When you’re on the road, it is important to drink lots of water! Poor hydration can cause a ‘travel lag’. This means you may feel tired, anxious, hungry, fatigued, be more prone to headaches, & have decreased alertness. Dehydration may also lead to unhealthy cravings and increase your odds of stopping for fast-food. Fill a water bottle before you leave for your trip, so you have water on hand. Staying hydrated on the road can sustain your energy levels, fuel both your muscles and your mind, and help you make healthier eating choices! Learn more about the importance of hydration. 

Reference: https://www.mensjournal.com/food-drink/6-tips-for-eating-healthy-on-the-road/ 


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